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Software engineering

The Software Engineering Master of Science is offered by the Department of Computer Science.

Software engineering

Objectifs de la formation

It provides advanced training in computer science engineering to design, understand, develop and maintain complex software systems. This degree includes courses in fundamental computer science as well as practical courses and projects. The program leads to a large scope of careers and jobs in computer science companies, IT departments, banks, IT consulting companies among other sectors. Graduate students are prepared for jobs such as IT project manager, Software development engineer, Data manager, Software architect, or R&D engineer.

Compétences pédagogiques de la formation


Professors and associate professors from ENSEIRB-MATMECA and IMS laboratory.

Invited speakers  are international experts coming from :

  • Academics: University of Lorraine, University of Padua, IIT Bombay University of Cincinnati, University of Pretoria...
  • Industrials: Atos, CapGemini, Sopra Steria, Orange.

Research professors:

  • Marc Phalippou
  • Mohamed Mosbah
  • Georges Eyrolles
  • Floréal Morandat
  • David Renault
  • Frédéric Herbreteau
  • David Auber
  • Philippe Narbel
  • Pierre Castéran

Les enseignements ont lieu d'octobre à janvier dans les locaux de l'ENSEIRB-MATMECA et seront suivis d'un stage en laboratoire ou en entreprise pendant 5 mois, en France ou à l'international.

Les enseignements


  • Algorithms, Programming, Java, Databases, SQL, Basics of modeling computer software applications.
  • English (at least B2 level)


UV I9GL-A  (Software Methodologies):  

  • Software project management and Information systems (2.5 cr): R. Moebs /M. Phalippou
  • Software testing (2.5 cr): F. Morandat

UV I9GL-B (Design and Validation of Software Systems):  

  • Software design - B method (2.5 cr): P. Castéran
  • Object oriented modelling (2.5 cr): G. Eyrolles

UV I9GL-C (Data Engineering):  

  • Persistency and databases (2.5 cr): X. Hanin/D. Tusien
  • Management and Analysis of Big Data (2.5 cr): D. Auber

UV I9GL-D (Distributed and Mobile Software):

  • Multi-tiers software architectures (Project)  (2 cr): G. Eyrolles / M. Mosbah
  • Concurrent and distributed software systems (2 cr): J. Lelong
  • Mobile application development (1cr): M. Mosbah / A. Zemmari

UV I9GL-E (Personalization):  

  • Software methods and tools  (2.5cr): G. Eyrolles / M. Mosbah
  • Free-choice module between (2.5 cr)
    • Formal design of software systems: F. Herbreteau
    • Advanced programming techniques: Ph. Narbel / D. Renault

UV I9-F (Language and Management for Engineers)

  • Business simulation (2.5 cr) Eric Astien
  • English or French based on student choice S9 (2.5 cr)

Master of Science « Software Engineering » can welcome up to 25 students.

How to apply for this Master of Science ?

Pré-requis : good knowledge and skills in java, object-oriented programming, big data, algorithms.

Application :

Number of seats open : 25.

Application process is monitored by the responsible of computer science departement.

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